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11th Hour | Bio

"Maybe in a song or a message of testimony that we share, He will touch someone’s heart and God will make a miraculous change in their life."

Southern Gospel roots run deep in the lives of three individuals who've been called to share the Gospel with anyone who will hear.  Amber Eppinette, Candice Jordan and Justin Morphis were raised to share the message of Christ through music and as they come together to make 11th Hour, a trio with soothing harmonies and a strong faith. The anointing of God is clearly evident in the unity of the group.  

Southern Gospel music is no stranger to 11th Hour.  A family legacy in Southern Gospel music runs through the blood of all three of these individuals. "I can remember as a young boy playing and singing gospel music," says Justin.  "My family had a local group that traveled all over Arkansas."  The Eppinette family was known as Pure Heart and traveled for many years singing Gospel music.  Amber recalls, "I was born and immediately became a bus baby!"  While Candice had a sister in a gospel group, she too remembers being called at a young age to Southern Gospel music and ministry.   

Even though these three seem to have come from very similar backgrounds, the stories that lead them to come together to share the message of what Christ has done in their lives through Southern Gospel music is quite different. Amber stepped into Southern Gospel music on her own at the age of 14 after her parents' group retired. "I continued to sing solo until I realized my heart's desire was to sing in a group," says Amber.  After much prayer, Candice, who was inspired by her family's devotion to Gospel music, yet had never dabbed into it on her own, was approached by Amber to start 11th Hour.  "I remember how God revealed to me that He wanted us to start 11th Hour," says Candice.  "We'd sing together and individuals would come up to us and say, 'God really used you to speak to my heart,' or 'God has you guys singing together for a purpose, we can see God all over You.'  That's when I knew He was the One calling me to this."

In the mean time, God was preparing Justin and his family to commit to an unknown.  After being rooted in a music ministry position for three years, Justin joined 11th Hour on the heals of ministering to the church congregation at Bufford Road Baptist in Richmond, VA.    "I remember my grandpa, Pappy, telling me, 'Always keep God first in your life, even over your family, and when you pray to Him, LISTEN, He’ll never leave you astray.' I remembered that when I prayed and asked God if this is what He was calling me to do, I LISTENED and He answered and opened the door. I stepped through it. I am trusting Him."  

The Lord has honored not only their faith but also their obedience.  Influenced by leading artists that have transformed the Southern Gospel music industry and the hearts of millions of listeners such as the Hinsons, the Crabb Family, and the Happy Goodmans, 11th Hour abounds in distinctive blends of rich southern soul with a hint of bluegrass flair. Over the past year, Southern Gospel fans have been falling in love with this unique group of young people.   

From their life experiences and walks with the Lord, Amber began to pen songs that have touched the lives of many and inspire them to a closer walk with God. In 2010, the production of Gather 'Round began.  The trio entered the studio to record songs of faith, trials, grace and mercy.  The humility and honor they carry to be used by God is revealed through the delicate lyrics in the songs.  Their vitalizing harmonies and energetic hearts for the Lord is carried through this project.

In December of 2010, this rising trio signed a recording agreement with RSI Music on the heels of completing their debut album produced by multi-award winning musician and RSI recording artist, Gordon Mote.  11th Hour will be partnering with RSI Music to further their ministry in Gospel music.  "We look forward to being a part of the growth and success of 11th Hour in ministry and to a long and mutually beneficial partnership," says Bob Rodgers.

11th Hour is comprised for the sole purpose of seeing souls saved.  "My prayer is that God will use me and the group to speak to His people," says Justin.  "Maybe in a song or a message of testimony that we share, He will touch someone’s heart and God will make a miraculous change in their life."

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