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Ain’t It Just Like the Lord

Ain’t It Just Like The Lord

Verse 1

There’s no way a shepherd boy could knock a giant down

Or the mighty walls of Jericho tumble to the ground

And it’s impossible to think, harder to explain

Three boys a’standing in the middle of the flame

One thing I know is true

When nothing but a miracle will do


Ain’t it just like the Lord

To do what can’t be done

Just like the Lord

To make a way when there was none

Who but God could do

The very things we’re praying for

Ain’t it just like the Lord

 Verse 2

Some say a mountain can’t be moved into the sea

But all things are possible for those who will believe

So in your time of trouble don’t listen to the doubt

Stand upon the promises and praise Him anyhow

Cause when you know He’s on your side

You can’t help but testify


 Ain’t it just, just like the Lord (4x)


 Ain’t it just, just like the Lord (3x)

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