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Down By the River

Down By The River

Verse 1

Bouncing off the bottom Lord

Drowning in despair

Used to think there was no satisfaction anywhere

Now I’m walking everyday

A big smile on my face

Everybody’s asking me

Where I found this state of grace



Where you Been (Down by the River)

Are you goin’ again (Down by the River)

What you gonna do then (Down by the River)

Get on my knees and pray

Gonna talk it out  (Down by the River)

That’s what it’s all about (Down by the River)

Not one shadow of a doubt (Down by the River)

Thank the Lord I’m saved

 Verse 2

Everyone around the world no matter who they be

Men and women boys and girls

Sinners just like me

Rich and poor and hypocrites

All benefit the same

Make a trip take a dip

Brother you’ll be glad you came


 Now you may have a high or low opinion of yourself

Either way don’t think that you’re above nobody else

There’s all kind of right and wrong

We’re all bound to do

Keep in mind there comes a time

It will be asked of you

 Chorus (3x)

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