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Faith Like That

Faith Like That

Verse 1

I could see his hands were shaking

As he took the microphone

He said my little boy’s not gone

He’s just gone home

Then he opened up his Bible

And read from John 14

He said I’m here to celebrate his life

Not grieve

It hurts how bad I miss him

But what better place to be

He’s with his other Father

Who loves him more than me


I wanna have faith like that

Let it be who I am

I wanna see the bigger picture

And trust it’s in God’s hands

I wanna have faith

I wanna have faith like that

 Verse 2

Well I walked up to him after

Not real sure what to do

I hugged him

But wondered who was hugging who

Before I could say I’m sorry

He said it’s going to be alright

And as we stood there I could almost hear him smile

I thought I could give him comfort

Yeah I thought I believed

I went there for him

But he was there for me



I wanna walk the walk

Not just talk the talk

I want to make it who I am

I wanna have faith

Yeah I wanna have faith like that

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