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The Other Side of Time


She holds her newborn baby to her chest

And sings to him a tender lullaby

Although he gently sleeps

He was born with special needs

She loves him so but still it breaks her heart


It's hard to understand what we can't clearly see

But Heaven will reveal life's mysteries



On the other side of time

Broken things are healed

And empty things are filled

As we stand in Heaven's light


On the other side of time

It's more than just a dream

Children laugh and sing

And every heart is free


There's perfect peace

On the other side of time



Some are like stars that brightly shine

But they only glisten for a while

A light fading in the dark

An unfinished work of art

And we'll never know just what might have been


But there's a distant place that's never known a tear

Skies are blue and rainbows never disappear





There's no guarantee that life won't be unfair

But the debt this life owes us

Will all be settled there




On the other side of time

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