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Call Me Gone

Call Me Gone

Call me a dreamer
‘Cause I call it mine
Heaven, I don’t care

Call me crazy
‘Cause I’m homesick for it
Yet I have never been there

Call me a stranger
‘Cause that’s all I am
I know I don’t belong

Call me anything
But when He calls me
Call me gone

Call me gone
I’ll be leaving
(Call me gone)
You’ll be grieving
If you’re left here without Jesus to call on

Call me gone
No more heartaches
(Call me gone)
And all that it takes
Is for me to hear him call me and call me gone

You know I’ve been called an awful lot of things in my lifetime
And smart hasn’t often been one of them
But I was smart enough one day
To call Jesus Christ the Lord of my life
And I called it quits to a whole lot of sinning
And it’s because of that commitment
Well, a lot of people laugh and call me foolish
But you know that doesn’t really bother me at all
‘Cause even a fool can see by the shape she’s in that
This old world’s about to fall
But as long as I let Jesus call the shots
Well I’ve got nothing at all to fear
And when that roll is called up yonder
Don’t bother calling me, ‘cause
I’m not gonna be here


When Jesus calls for me just call me gone

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