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Don’t Let Me Miss the Glory

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In the view from the mountains

There's a story to be told

In the crashing of the ocean

There's a power that no man will ever hold


All the stars in the Heavens

Decorate Your handiwork

And like a mighty choir

They've come to celebrate Your worth



Don't let me miss the glory

Don't let me miss the grace

All creation is singing

To the honor of Your name


Don't let me miss the wonder

Don't let me miss the grand design

And the lightning and the thunder

Lord open up my eyes

Don't let me miss the glory



In the cry of a baby

In the laughter of love

In the dance of the faithful

you will find the greatness of our God above


In the prayer of the righteous

In the beauty of Your grace

In a brand new morning's mercy

All your memories of my sin have been erased




Don't let me miss the glory

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