During the latter part of 2003, a dream became a reality when RSI Enterprises, d/b/a RSI Music Group was formed. After many months of prayer, discussions with leaders in Christian Music, and research it was determined that there was a need for a company to be of assistance to talented Christian artists that did not have the sponsorship of a major record label. With that in mind, RSI Music Group was formed.

The company's mission is to produce for aspiring artists that have the talent, the ambition and the Christian testimony, products that will help them become better known and help raise them to a level of national prominence in order to reach more people with the Gospel.

Since the beginning RSI has had the good fortune of working with the best of Nashville musicians to produce projects for Gordon Mote, Charlotte Ritchie, Harvest, New South Quartet, Sammy Hall and others. We have also produced a Praise and Worship project for Parkway Community Church in Arizona. Additionally several custom projects have been produced using our access to Nashville's finest musicians, engineers, studios and producers.

We are blessed having great relationships with people who excel in their respective areas. Those relationships include Ben Fowler, Phil Johnson, Gordon Mote, Russell Mauldin, Steve Mauldin, Michael English, Michael Sykes, Pete Green and many others. Our relationship with these people and Nashville's finest musicians insures that each of our projects is top quality.

With regards to radio releases for promotion, we utilize the talents and relationships of the best radio promoters available for a specific genre. Every single that has been released to radio has charted some as high as number one and several top ten hits. We have promoted to Southern Gospel, Inspirational, Country Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, CCM and Main Line Country.

We currently book engagements for Gordon Mote and Charlotte Ritchie, as well as manage the career of all our artists. We are interested and involved in every aspect of our artist's career and ministry. We are a "family" oriented company.

God has blessed our efforts these first few years and we are grateful. We are constantly looking for new talent to add to our family of artists but believe that we must stay focused on our goals and cannot accept more that we are able to handle. We will not accept an artist or ministry unless we are certain that we can give them the time and resources they deserve.

As we stay focused on our mission, we believe that God will continue to reward our efforts with His blessings.

Bob Rodgers was born and raised in a small copper mining town in the southern-most part of Arizona, close to the Mexican border. He was first introduced to Gospel Music while attending a small pentecostal church and soon fell in love with it. Even in high school it became a passion that only gr...

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Greg Ritchie's involvement and love for Gospel Music dates back to birth. All his childhood was spent around the wonderful people of the industry. Greg's dad, Jerry Ritchie was a founding member and manager of Gold City Quartet and remained there until 1986. Greg was born, raised and educated i...

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